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Impact Innovations is a product development and technology incubator. We are looking to work with start-up and R&D focused companies who are looking for support to develop their ideas from concept through to commercialisation.


Impact Innovations is constantly looking for entrepreneurs who have great ideas and want the opportunity to build their own company from the ground up.

The Accelerator programme is there to help entrepreneurs step by step on their innovation journey, taking their ideas from the drawing board all the way through to commercialisation.

Our Accelerator programme is split into four stages but we can help sculpt, fund and develop your innovation at any stage of your journey.

Do You Have A Grant Project We Can Help With?


R&D Centre

Impact Innovations’ R&D centre allows fast access to world class science and engineering skills and equipment under the strictest confidence.  Our team can be called in to assist at any stage in the R&D process from early stage feasibility studies through to running fully out sources projects in our own facilities. 

Our client base includes multinational material manufacturing companies looking to outsource development of new materials and products as well as SME’s who don’t have the budget for a dedicated R&D equipment and team.

Our R&D centre is also a UKAS and ISO 17025 accredited test laboratory. As such it is qualified to carry out development to the highest industry standards such as material and product development for medical and aerospace applications.  Where we don’t have internal capabilities for large scale manufacturing our extensive network of industry partners can assist in the development process.


Are you in the early stages of the R&D process or new to R&D? A grant could be a great way to a kick-start your product, process or service development from the drawing board through to commercialisation.

Impact Innovations assists organisations in accessing research and development grant funding across a range of schemes and sectors.  Our team have extensive knowledge of the various schemes and experience in the application process across the UK and Europe with an extremely high success rate for funding.

We help organization through the whole application process from first identified the right grant for your project or business through to scoping the project, translating this into an application and providing the supporting documentation.   In addition to helping with the grant we will provide support in the administrative process of applying for grants further maximizing your chances of getting funded.

Available Programmes

In the UK there are a several national schemes offering grant funding to innovative projects and companies. The main access points for these are Innovate UK and if located in Scotland Scottish Enterprise. These schemes range from start-up funding through to collaborative projects including SMEs, large companies, Universities and research organisations.

Larger consortium grants are also available through instruments such as Horizon 2020 and Eurostars which are pan European or International grants involving companies across multiple countries.